Bryston is introducing the BDA-3.14 streamer, DAC and digital preamp all in one unit. Everyone knows Bryston makes great digital audio players, DAC’s and preamplifiers. Until now, Bryston only made separates. But with the launch of the BDA-3.14, you can have a fully digital front-end all in one unit thereby dramatically reducing the cost but yet still sound amazing. The BDA-3.14 can play high resolution music from all of your favorite sources including Qobuz, Tidal, USB attached drives, network attached storage, internet radio and even Roon. The BDA-3.14 firmware provides full control over the whole system including playback of the internal player, input switching for access to other connected digital sources, and even volume control so you can integrate the BDA-3.14 into your system without a separate preamplifier! Bryston’s amazingly clear bit perfect digital audio technology is now bundled into one killer system!