DALI Callisto Series

The new DALI Callisto Series wireless speaker system allows you to playback and stream all of your Hi-Res music files easily and conveniently without the need for complicated electronics. Each of the wireless DALI CALLISTO speakers feature a Hi-Res, cable-free connection to the DALI Sound Hub – the heart of the system. Just plug in the power cord and press (Connect).  Whether you’re listening to music from an online streaming service, a Hi-Res download or a CD/record player, you should be able to hear music as the artist intended. At the heart of the system, the DALI Sound Hub brings true no-compromise convenience to music and movie lovers. It transmits Hi-Res audio in true HD quality to your CALLISTO speakers, while you take control of the hub with your mobile device. The Sound Hub will automatically switch to whichever source is connected and can be hidden out of sight if desired, as the remote control connects via Bluetooth. The Sound Hub also has two expansion ports that can be used in the future. DALI is currently offering the BluOS NPM-1 module that can be mounted into one of the expansion ports. The BluOS NPM-1 allows the Sound Hub to operate in BluOS mode. BluOS is a wireless ecosystem, which gives you complete control of how and where you listen to music, allowing you to use the source of your choice as well as giving you the option to expand your music to more than one room. The BluOS setup is simple because you can connect a number of BluOS enabled devices, such as the DALI Sound Hub, to each other via a Wi-Fi network either by cable or wirelessly. You can easily access a music streaming service without the need to access a computer in order to play music in sync or different music simultaneously. Via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can access and share music from a computer, phone, tablet or network-attached storage drive (NAS). The DALI Callisto system is MQA Certified. By adding the DALI BluOS NPM-1 module to your system, you can now take advantage of the ever-growing catalogue of studio master recordings that have been encoded into MQA and streamed on services like Tidal.